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Welcome to Tulsa Trailer

Tulsa Trailer’s plan for every customer: Treat your equipment like it’s ours. Get it road ready, safe, and DOT compliant So you can be on your way.

We repair, service, and certify trucks, trailers, and tanks and can fix any make or model you own, lease, rent, or drive. From custom metal fabrications and complex welds, to standard brake jobs; there is nothing you can haul that we can’t handle when it breaks down. We have easy access for any size truck or trailer at our site.

Our team is comprised exclusively of industry veterans. Our owners have spent years working for Miller Truck Lines and our shop team has dozens of years working specifically in tractor trailer repair.

At Tulsa Trailer, we look at every piece of equipment that we service as if it were our own. We currently lease our service bays from Miller Truck Lines*, so we don’t distinguish our client’s equipment as any different from what is owned by the Miller family of companies. This means the care and quality of our work is of the highest caliber and standard, and something we all stand by.

Excellence and accountability are a priority at Tulsa Trailer, and it’s our mission to make sure your equipment is road ready, safe, and compliant with all Department of Transportation requirements. We don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of time, but our shop team’s experience allows us to execute the most complicated job quickly and efficiently. Our industry plays a vital role in our nation’s economy, and we want you back on the road, moving America forward.

Tulsa Trailer is independently owned and operated and centrally located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, off of Elwood, just west of the Arkansas River and minutes from I-44 and Highway 75.

Trucks, Trailers, Cargo Tanks.
Maintenance, Service, Repair, Inspection, Certification.
Whatever you, or your company needs to get equipment back on the 
road and keep it there . . .