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Shop Crew 

Ron, Monica, and Tyler put together a highly qualified, certified, and experienced shop crew. Together, the Tulsa Trailer Shop Crew has well over a 100 years of shop experience. You may already know some of the key guys: Jake, Eric, Mike, Joey, Dave, Jacob, James, and Daniel. And, if you don’t know them, or the others at Tulsa Trailer yet, you may get to know them soon. If there’s any unexpected trouble with your truck, trailer, or cargo tank, they’ll contact you. They will let you know about the problem. They can show you the problem and discuss it with you.

Our crew has expertise, qualifications, and certifications to inspect and repair every area of your truck, trailer and cargo tank. Their expertise and experience includes: diesel mechanics, refrigeration systems, brake systems, welding positions and metals, and tank inspection, testing, and repairs. The Tulsa Trailer Shop Crew can get the job done. 

Trucks, Trailers, Cargo Tanks.
Maintenance, Service, Repair, Inspection, Certification.
Whatever you, or your company needs to get equipment back on the 
road and keep it there . . .