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Our Guarantee

Tulsa Trailer takes it seriously. Our work is guaranteed. We know that trucking, and the equipment that goes along with it, is your livelihood. That’s why every service we offer at Tulsa Trailer is backed by our personal guarantee of excellence.

When your equipment leaves the Tulsa Trailer shop, it is road ready, safe, and DOT compliant.

If there is any problem with the repair, or work Tulsa Trailer performed, we will correct it and we will make it right.


If your equipment requires that the Preventative Maintenance (PM) Form be completed and turned in before leaving the lot, Tulsa Trailer will complete it and submit it to the customer the same day. Tulsa Trailer guarantees that the PM Form (USDOT write-up and related paperwork) will be faxed, or emailed, to the customer within one business day after the job is completed.


Once the Shop Crew finishes the job on your equipment and it is removed from the premises, Tulsa Trailer will issue an invoice to the customer within three (3) business days.

Trucks, Trailers, Cargo Tanks.
Maintenance, Service, Repair, Inspection, Certification.
Whatever you, or your company needs to get equipment back on the 
road and keep it there . . .