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One of the most frustrating problems we found with other tractor-trailer repair shops was the lack of transparency in the service process. Whether it was taking a mechanic at their word for unexpected repairs and costs, long turnaround times for billing, or just being unable to see the completed work before arriving to pick up our equipment, we knew there had to be a better way. If our Shop Crew finds something unexpected, they can take a picture and show you the problem! 

Tulsa Trailer is committed to advancing our industry by investing in the most cutting edge technology. We start by equipping and training every one of our shop crew with mobile tablets. This allows us to text or e-mail the customer a notification if a mechanic finds something unexpected, send a picture of a worn or broke part, update invoices and agreements in real time, and keep a digital record of every job.

Often equipment can’t leave our lot until a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Form is completed and turned in. Tulsa Trailer’s technology lets us complete the paperwork via fax or e-mail, including any USDOT write-ups, the same day the job is finished.

In the future, we will be able to prioritize work orders based on a driver’s expected arrival time, ready a service bay for incoming emergency maintenance, request our mobile road-side maintenance team with a single click, and more!

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